Recognizing that automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and OEMs have a diverse set of legal needs, Waller's multi-disciplinary Automotive team is comprised of attorneys with experience in commercial law, labor and employment, government relations, real estate, environmental and regulatory law, tax and intellectual property law, and restructuring and acquisitions.

Waller attorneys were instrumental in bringing the automotive industry to Tennessee and have been representing automotive interests since 1979.

Many of our automotive clients began their relationship with Waller when they moved their manufacturing or company headquarters to middle Tennessee. Waller proudly continues to serve these clients in their long-term operational needs. Clients rely on us for variety of issues, including product distribution, supply chain management, regulatory compliance, product warranty and liability, trademarks and trade secrets, tax and foreign sales corporations, mergers and acquisitions, public and private financing (debt, equity and hybrid instruments), corporate governance and formation of strategic alliances.

Specific areas in which Waller provides valuable services to the automotive industry include:


American and International OEMS

In 1981, Waller was selected as counsel in connection with a prominent Japanese OEM opening its first automobile  manufacturing facility in the United States. Waller represented the OEM in every facet of its negotiations with all state and local authorities in Tennessee and included the creation of an incentive package for property tax incentives, material infrastructure improvements, and educational programs in connection with the relocation of Japanese engineering and management personnel to Tennessee and the company’s potential workforce in Tennessee. That relationship continues today.

Waller represents several OEMs in the following representative matters:

  • Real Estate
    • Siting (greenfield and brownfield)
    • Project finance and development
    • Acquisitions
    • Construction contracts
  • Government Relations
    • Incentives (new manufacturing plants, corporate HQ relocation)
    • Capital investments
    • Bond counsel
  • Environmental
    • Permitting
    • Fixed-fee regulatory counsel
    • Risk management
    • EPA enforcement matters - public relations and litigation counsel
  • Labor & Employment matters, including FMLA claims
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution
    • Supplier insolvency matters (U.S. and international)
    • Supplier acquisition matters
    • Warranty matters
    • Chargeback issues
    • FCPA compliance and advice
    • Class action defense
    • General contract matters
  • Intellectual Property (trademark)

International Tire Manufacturer

Since 1984, Waller has represented one of the world's largest maker of tires for a variety of vehicle types, including passenger and commercial vehicle tires, as well as tires for construction and mining vehicles, agricultural machinery, and aircraft. Representation includes:

  • Insolvency issues in United States and internationally
  • Labor & Employment matters, including FLSA and collective class action suits
  • Consumer matters
  • Governmental relations
  • General business advice
  • Property tax abatements for multiple production plants

American and International OEM Suppliers

  • Labor & Employment matters
    • Union and collective bargaining issues
    • Immigration issues
    • Employee benefits
  • Plant relocations to Tennessee
    • Government relations
    • Real estate development
    • Incentives negotiation
    • Environmental matters
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution
    • Dealer disputes
    • Manufacturing line disputes
    • Defend investigations by Attorneys General and NTSB
  • Corporate, including negotiation of joint ventures
  • Advice regarding shared supplier operations
  • Intellectual Property matters


  • Labor & Employment matters
  • Tax matters, including family office and estate planning
  • Franchise advice
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution, including:
    • Warranty claim defense
    • Commercial disputes
    • Breach of contract
    • Bankruptcy
    • Franchise acquisitions
    • Lemon law claims
    • Manufacturer/franchisee disputes

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