Community Hospitals Report


Hospital leaders across the country are at a crossroads. While each community and its hospital are unique, all U.S. hospitals – particularly standalone, general acute care facilities – face many similar challenges, including a decreasing inpatient census and revenues, a move toward a value-based business model and capital-intensive needs. In light of the growing challenges standalone community hospitals face, the expectations for boards, management teams and elected officials have grown significantly.

We understand that hospital and community leaders face the difficult task of evaluating their hospital’s future and taking strategic action in order to:

  • Ensure the continued availability of high-quality healthcare services to the residents of your community
  • Provide those services as close to patients’ homes as possible
  • Create efficiencies to allow for the delivery of higher-quality, lower-cost care
  • Preserve jobs in your community
  • Preserve and maximize the value of your hospital for your citizens
  • Enable the resulting healthcare service structure to continue to provide quality service in a financially self-sustaining manner (e.g., without direct taxpayer support)

Working alongside other industry contributors, Waller has studied the financial, operational and legal status of government-owned community hospitals across the nation. Our studies have been summarized in a report, which covers the particular issues standalone, government-owned hospitals face, and what lies ahead for them. Our purpose is to educate hospital leaders and fiduciaries on the current status of standalone, government-owned hospitals and analyze their options as they seek to continue to provide quality healthcare in their communities for years to come. This report is based on rigorous data analysis and on our collective knowledge – along with some anecdotal evidence and observations – based on working with hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country for the past 50 years.