Waller Launches Comprehensive Ebola Legal Resource Website


How do we discipline employees that refuse to work due to the Ebola virus?

What patient information is protected during an outbreak?

How should we communicate with our employees about Ebola?

Has OSHA issued new guidelines on Ebola for healthcare providers?

These are just a few of the questions we are hearing from our clients. In response, Waller has launched a comprehensive online resource to help those impacted by the Ebola virus navigate divershrefe issues pertaining to the arrival of the virus in the United States. The site can be accessed here.

Waller’s Ebola legal resource website is an important source of information for healthcare executives, board members, risk managers, human resources professionals and others who are asking what Ebola means, from a legal perspective, for their organization, employees and patients. Preparation in this situation means everything, regardless if an Ebola patient walks through your doors or if you are only dealing with the climate it has created.

The site launches with a compilation of media articles, links to resources, such as the CDC, and original articles from Waller attorneys including:

We will update the website with new content and information as Ebola’s impact continues to be analyzed and studied by Waller attorneys.