Proposed Metro Ordinance Would Create New Traffic Management Requirements for Construction Projects


Early next year, the Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson County will consider draft legislation that would establish new permitting requirements for construction projects affecting streets, sidewalks, and public places. The proposed bill would apply to excavations, obstructions, right-of-way temporary closures of sidewalks/passageways for construction purposes. The bill also adds a new section to the current metro ordinance on excavations and obstructions detailing safe accommodation for pedestrians and bicyclists during a blockage of sidewalk/pedestrian path under a public right-of-way occupancy permit.

Real estate developers and property owners should be aware of the potential impact the proposed ordinance would have on construction and building projects. For easy comparison, the current law can be found at this link. We recommend discussing the proposed ordinance with your representatives on the Metro Council.

For additional information on this or any other legislation before the Metro Council, please contact James Weaver or Erica Garrison in Waller’s Government Relations practice at 615.244.6380.

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