"Where Do We Go From Here? What the Recent Setbacks in FCPA Enforcement Efforts Mean for Companies Doing Business Internationally," Alberto Gonzales and Bill Athanas, Presenters at West LegalEd Center


Where Do We Go From Here? What the Recent Setbacks in FCPA Enforcement Efforts Mean for Companies Doing Business Internationally

Content Partner:  West LegalEdcenter and Westlaw GC

Presenters: Judge Alberto Gonzales, William Athanas

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Most companies doing business internationally are well aware of the dramatic increase in FCPA enforcement over the past half-decade.  The number of investigations and prosecutions under the statute rose dramatically during that period, as a series of high-profile enforcement actions served to put companies on notice of the government's commitment to pursue cases where bribes were paid to influence foreign officials.  This commitment was grounded in a desire to mete out appropriate punishment for past offenses, as well as to deter contemplated future conduct.  In the early stages of its ramped up FCPA enforcement efforts, the government realized a string of remarkable successes in prosecuting large domestic and international corporations.  Over time, as those efforts evolved and the focus shifted to the prosecution of individuals, the government faced strong headwinds, which culminated in a recent string of trials where the government failed to secure a single conviction.  These events have brought the government's FCPA enforcement commitment to a critical juncture.  

While this webcast will discuss the rise in FCPA prosecutions and the recent government setbacks, that discussion will serve primarily to provide context for a issue of far greater practical import: what can companies doing business internationally expect the future of FCPA enforcement to look like?  Predicting the future is always a challenge, but the presenters will draw upon their experience - which includes service at Justice Department's highest levels and its front lines - to forecast how the recent events are likely to be viewed by the government, how they will shape the future of FCPA enforcement, and what companies engaged in international business can do to best protect themselves.  

Discussion points, takeaways and learning objectives

  • Why the government increased its efforts to prosecute FCPA cases
  • The circumstances surrounding the government's recent setbacks
  • Whether those setbacks reveal systemic failures in the overall FCPA strategy, or simply represent isolated instances commonly occurring in the lifespan of any enforcement initiative
  • The impact those setbacks will have as the government sets future enforcement priorities and allocates available resources
  • What companies can expect from the government as a result of recent events
  • How companies can utilize that knowledge to more efficiently and effectively deal with FCPA issues